Monday Khinkali could be never too much! When ordering 5 pcs. Khinkali of any type , you get 0.3L of beer, when ordering 7 pcs. Khinkali - 0.5L of beer for free

Tuesday Tuesday is a Georgian feast at Chmeli Suneli! When ordering a meat set for 3 persons, you get 0.5L of Georgian house wine, when ordering a set meat for 5 persons - 0.75L of Georgian house wine as a gift

Wednesday That’s Khachapuri day! When ordering any Khachapuri you get a glass of house wine as a gift

Thursday Alcohol 2+1! When ordering two identical items of an alcohol, the third one you will get for free

Friday Black Friday in Chmeli Suneli! Our exclusive black khinkali with a -35% discount