Georgian eggplant rolls called „Badrijani” zwith walnut filling and pomegranate vege

Pkhali set paste made out of spinach, beet and carrot with walnuts vege

Cheese plate served with honey and walnuts vege

Set of pickles pickled cabbage, pickled cabbage with beet, pickled cucumber vege


Kharczo traditional Georgian soup with beef, rice, coriander and Georgian spices

Chikhirtma aromatic chicken-based broth with the addition of egg and fresh herbs


Sakartvelo salad traditional salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and onion with walnut dressing and fresh coriander vege

Chicken salad lettuce, chicken fillet, bell pepper, Georgian cheese, mayo

Ajapsandali grilled vegetables: eggplant, tomato, bell pepper, carrot vege


Khinkali 3/5/7 pcs. wwith beef, with mutton, with cheese

Khinkali 3/5/7 pcs. with spinach vege new

Khinkali 3/5/7 pcs. with cherry vege

Khinkali mix 5 2 pcs. beef, 2 pcs. cheese, 1 pcs. mutton new

Khinkali mix 9 2 pcs. beef, 2 pcs. cheese, 2 pcs. mutton, 3 pcs. spinach new


Megrelian Khachapuri traditional Georgian pie with mix of cheese inside vege

Ajarian Khachapuri traditional Georgian pie with cheese and a sunny-side up egg on top vege

Kubdari pie filled with beef and pork meat, onion and georgian spices

Khachapuri spinach pie stuffed with spinach with and cheese vege

Khachapuri Lobiani pie stuffed with red beans. He comes from the Racza region vege

Main dishes

Ojakhuri baked pork with potato and bell pepper with addition of onion, garlic and fresh coriander

Baked mushrooms baked champignons stuffed with cheese vege

Chkmeruli chicken chicken braised in creamy garlic sauce

Chakhokhbili chicken chicken stewed in tomato sauce with onion and bell pepper with addition of Georgian spices

Lobio stewed red beans with the addition of Georgian spices and coriander vege

Chanakhi pork stewed with potato, carrot, onion and herbs in tomato sauce

Tskhare beef stew with paprika, coriander and Georgian spices

Side dishes

Baked potato

Georgian bread „Puri” Grandmother’s bread


Boiled rice

Green rice vege

French fries vege

Kids Menu

Breaded chicken served with french fries

Khinkali with cherry

Baby Ajarian Khachapuri in mini version. Traditional Georgian pie with cheese and a sunny-side up egg on top vege


Baklava honey-walnut pastry

Medoki Georgian honey cake


Sacebeli, Sourcream-garlic sauce, Ajika, Nasharab